Saturday, June 24, 2017

BabyTalk Submission Writers Guidelines

New York, NY – 10 times/year (2,000,000)                  
530 Fifth Avenue, 4th Floor                               
New York, NY 10036
Phone: 212-522-4327
GuidelinesBabyTalk is the one baby magazine that tells it like it is, helping women navigate the emotional roller coaster and practical realities of being a new mom. BabyTalk provides straight talk for new moms through three cornerstones:
1.      Focus — on what she needs here and now
2.    Practicality — emphasis on what really works for her life and her baby
3.    Small Victories — helping her attain and celebrate those key milestones.
BabyTalk magazine serves as a manual for parents in their day-to-day experiences with new parenthood. Features cover marriage and sex, pregnancy, baby care basics, toddler/infant health, how-tos, growth and development, toys/equipment, and work/day cares. Query with clips.
Approximate pay: $100-2,000 for word count of 100-2,000.

See here for the exciting pay update I received from someone in the know!

You can sign up for an email subscription to this site and get a free sample of the book, including FIVE markets that pay $50 plus for reprints! Please also consider joining my Facebook group called Regional Parenting Magazine Writers ... it's FREE and full of tips and tricks and markets and like-minded writer friends!

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