Saturday, June 10, 2017

#Book Review Gigs for Clients on #Fiverr

*I'm not going to get into with you if this is ethical or not. It is happening and that is all. As long as someone is not providing you with review text and you are giving your own honest review, I don't see a problem with this. You are being paid for your TIME, not for a 5-star review. I personally always feel smarmy asking for a review on any of my own ebooks for free ... someone is spending their time to check out my book and I feel like they should be compensated. A lot of bloggers get paid to review products so why not also books? But Amazon has a huge problem with this so tread lightly or go out on your own?

Okay, that being said, there are a lot of companies and authors looking for book reviews. Product reviews are a different animal and I would not do one of those unless provided with the product. I don't see why someone can't be compensated a measly $4 for doing an HONEST book review and also receive the book for free. After all, it takes our time to write reviews.

Here's my personal experience with doing book reviews for Fiverr clients: It was too busy and I could not keep up! Then someone reported me and I got shut down. Fiverr shut down my book review gig and won't let me even put REVIEW in any of my gigs anymore. I'm not sure how, but there was a highly successful Fiverr seller that did this for years but she worded her gigs very carefully.

For now you can charge one gig for the review and another gig for any ebook priced up to $4 and a third gig for any ebook priced up to $8 (Fiverr takes 20% of your sales so keep in mind you get $4 per paid gig and not $5). You keep any overage. You simply purchase the ebook on Amazon, peruse it, speed read, whatever, and give a review. If there are ever any problems with getting paid from a buyer, simply go back to Amazon and request a refund for your ebook purchase.

The seller I referenced above, plus all the others doing this, must be speed readers or have a lot of time on their hands as shut-ins or something???? I can't figure it out and let me know if you can! I wish you success at whatever you try on Fiverr!

*Do not give 24-hour service for free and do not pre-write a review until you have been paid, no matter how big a hurry you are in. There are people/buyers on Fiverr who are looking for free work and will threaten to give you bad feedback if you don't cancel their order and give it to them for free. Trust your instincts on jobs like this.

I suggest you start here to find out more about proofreading and other things you can do on Fiverr!

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