Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Central Penn Parent Submission Writers Guidelines

Harrisburg, PA – monthly (38,000)              
Phone: 717-236-4300                         
Guidelines: We ask that all stories include a minimum of two local sources. We prefer a mix of experts and parents from different regions in our four-county market. The purchase of reprints is considered. The same should be included on any submitted attachments. All submitted copy must include clearly identified resources (names, phone numbers).

Approximate pay: Fees for original articles start at $50 and max out at $125. Writers who work with us for an extended time and writers who work on unusually research-heavy pieces will be paid at the higher end of the scale. Our standard rate for reprints is $35. We will ask you to submit a writer’s agreement specifying the negotiated rate. The agreement will also state that the writer retains ownership rights to the piece for future reprint (available after one month). The contracted rate includes the right for Central Penn Parent to reprint and archive said piece on

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