Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Giving and Getting Feedback on #Fiverr

Let me tell you something: You definitely want good feedback on Fiverr. You don’t want negative ratings. I had a buyer turn on me once early on in my Fiverr career back in 2013 when I was overloaded and had made a couple of mistakes; they had two proofing orders in the queue and they gave me bad feedback on both, totally blowing my 100% rating. To be honest, I didn't handle the situation well. I was exhausted and overwhelmed and was overworking myself and I "defended" myself instead of just apologizing and making it right. I learned my lesson for sure.

Then I had a third negative feedback when my husband was ripping up our carpet and doing our hardwood floors and my grandpa was dying and our internet was out for a day. The buyer said I made some mistakes but would not tell me what. I made the other mistake of getting personal about my life instead of being professional. I told him about my husband and kids and internet being out. DON'T DO THAT!
So basically just treat the customer well and over-deliver if you can. For example, when I do my social media gigs, I like to deliver an extra post or tweet or pin just because. When I deliver my order I also say something like, “Please let me know if you have any questions on this at all.” It makes a big difference when you treat someone well. Of course you will have those customers who are never going to be happy but 99% of them are totally reasonable.
And when they have rated you positively, make sure you leave a note back for them thanking them, telling them it was great to work with them, etc. The higher the number of your good ratings, the more sought-out you will be by future potential customers.

It's also important to work with people in a professional way because now Fiverr has an option for a buyer to give you a tip, which rocks! I've been tipped many times and sometimes on orders that had me banging my head against a wall trying to please the buyer.

Be professional. Don't get personal. Don't make excuses for mistakes if you make them. Just fix them.

Here are some more Fiverr tutorials.
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