Thursday, June 8, 2017

How Payment and Competition Work on #Fiverr

So how does payment work on Fiverr? And how is the competition?
Well, the competition is pretty good but if you keep going and do well, you remain at the top of the pack in the HIGH RATING search. Just make sure you are always providing excellent service and are delivering on time. I have personally made friends with another high-rated proofreader on Fiverr and am so grateful to have met her!
Payout is anytime you like and there is a small fee to take out your money, probably to cover any PayPal fees Fiverr has to deal with. I usually wait until I'm at $100+ and they only take $1 from that. You can clearly see EXACTLY when payments are going to be processed on your dashboard, so a gig would generally pay within 2 weeks. It’s cool to see that a gig you did last week for $32 is going to be paying out this week on Friday or that a bunch of $4 gigs you did are all hitting tomorrow, ready for payout. I have never had a problem with getting paid. Other options include a Fiverr Revenue Card and direct deposit.
BEWARE: It's rare but sometimes you have to deal with some douche who never intended on paying you for your services, no matter how well you delivered them. A downside of Fiverr is that they have such a high volume of sellers and buyers that they just automatically believe a buyer who is not satisfied and refund their money. That's not such a huge deal to shake off if it was only one or two gigs, but if it ever happened that someone reneged on a huge job and Fiverr backed them, I would have to quit working for them.

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