Thursday, June 1, 2017

WOW Women on Writing Submission Writers Guidelines

Here's a great market for you! Here's the site I got these from: WOW! Women on Writing.

Good luck!

We depend on talented freelancers to write for us. Please send your query in the body of your email. For more details on what we’re looking for, see our writer’s guidelines below:
WOW! Writer's Guidelines
WOW! welcomes queries from its audience of women writers. Please make sure you’ve read through our articles to get an idea of what we publish before submitting a query.
We send out a bi-weekly newsletter to e-mail subscribers. You can subscribe to our e-mail newsletter and/or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter @womenonwriting to keep up on the latest calls for submissions.
Article Queries:
We are now open to general queries, as long as it relates to the craft of writing and publishing. We are particularly looking for how-tos on a variety of writing and publishing topics, and interviews/round-ups with acquiring editors/literary agents/publishers. All articles must have takeaway value for fellow writers.
Word Count and Pay Rates:
Articles range anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 words—whatever length is necessary to cover the topic. Pay is arranged between the writer and editor for the piece, but most articles pay $50 or $75. In-depth pieces that require many different sources to cover the topic and have a higher word count may pay more. Pay is on publication by PayPal only. When your submission is published, you will receive a “live link” email notification and instructions for invoicing via PayPal.
We require first rights and the right to archive the article indefinitely. After one month from the date of publication, rights revert back to the author and the author retains all copyrights to her work. Although we support you in republishing your article in other online and print publications, we request that you not syndicate your article on sites that provide free content. This practice lowers the value of the piece we have published, and using those sites strips you of your rights to your own article.
We do not accept reprints. If you would like to repurpose a previously published article, please notify us at the time of your query and include the proposed changes that will make it specifically suited to WOW. Acceptance is not guaranteed and is up to the discretion of the editorial board.
By submitting your work to WOW!, you are agreeing to these rights and terms.
How to Query:
In the subject line of your email, please include the word “Query,” and write your query in the body of your email. WE DO NOT OPEN ATTACHMENTS. Because of the high volume of spam we receive daily, emails that are not clearly addressed with the appropriate subject line may be deleted without being read.
We are looking for queries that have a fully fleshed-out idea, a rough breakdown of the content of the piece you are proposing with subheads and bullet points, and any sources if applicable. Please also include your bio, writing samples, and any other information or links you feel are appropriate for our consideration.
Editorial Response:
WOW! has grown exponentially since its launch September 2006. While we are excited by the incredible interest from so many talented freelancers, we have found the need to amend our editorial response procedures.
We receive hundreds of queries every month and can no longer respond to every single query we receive. We will respond to freelancers whose queries show WOW! spirit, knowledge and understanding of our audience, a solid, fleshed-out article or interview idea, and which fit into our editorial schedule.
If you do not hear from us, please understand that it is not a disparagement against your writing, it is most likely that your submission does not suit our needs at this time.
Send email to:
Response times vary but we try to get back with you within 1 month. If you haven't heard anything after that time, please e-mail and mention your query.
Good luck! And we look forward to your query.

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