Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Income and 2018 Goals #Proofreading #Writing #Blogging

I don't know about you, but I love to know how much money other people are making, especially when they are working doing the same things I am doing. I am also a sucker for goals. I love to read the goals of others and find out how they did.

I'm not going to tease you ... here was my 2017 income and below that you can find my 2018 goals. You can check out THIS POST for my 2016 income.


Proofreading: $11,000
Articles: $5,000
Blogging: $3,000
Books: $1,000
TOTAL $20,000

Not quite. In 2017 I was teaching a teen to drive and at the same time schlepping him and his siblings around town more than ever. Also, we moved. I underestimated how much time it would take to get our previous home ready and how often I would be kicked out of that house for it to be shown to prospective buyers. Then we went on vacation, packed within a week and moved to the country. Lots of paperwork involved, and then the 4 acres next to us became available (bidding war) and that was more paperwork and communication and stress that drove me to bed with Netflix instead of to my laptop.


I am going big this year. My income goal for 2018 is $36,000. Or an average of $3,000 per month.

Proofreading: $12,000
Articles: $6,000
Blogging: $12,000
Books: $6,000

How am I going to do it?

  • Keep myself available and ready to work at all times as far as proofreading and blogging. 
  • Another key is I plan to lose some weight and cut some sugar, as well as drink more water, giving me more energy at night, when the kids are having their screen time and I am normally wanting to just be a brainless slug.
  • I plan to write an original article per month, keep my reprint list in circulation using my Google calendar, and branch out to the nationals by sending one query per month.
  • I also plan to finish the 7th edition of my book and move on to another book I've been dying to finish.
If you want to see how I'm doing, check my MONTHLY INCOME REPORTS, posted the first day of each month! Each one will tell you how to get to the others.

It's a tall order while I'm also homeschooling, teaching another teen to drive, and have a husband heading overseas, but you have to have goals! And I like to make them large!


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