Monday, May 2, 2022

"How to Get Published (and Paid!) Writing About Your Kids: The Ultimate Guide for Selling Your Stories to Parenting Magazines"

Get those articles and ideas out of your computer, out of your brain, and out of your paper files and into the email inboxes of editors! Result = get published, collect tearsheets, and watch the money hit your account and mailbox from reprint sales!

How to Get Published (and Paid!) Writing About Your Kids: The Ultimate Guide for Selling Your Stories to Parenting Magazines will change your writing life! The 7th edition of this invaluable resource that has already helped so many writers get published includes information on how to get started selling your original and reprint articles and essays. It goes on to cover everything related to writing for this market, including keeping good records, setting up a freelance writer website, invoicing, and so much more. Then comes the best part: the 384 paying markets. The market information includes regional parenting magazines, national and online parenting magazines, even international markets. I've included pay information when I could find it or earned it myself. Writing success is waiting for you!

Check out what previous buyers had to say:

But first, a quick plug for the Parenting Journalists Conference! It was 
held online in the spring of 2021 and then again May 20, 2022, but you 
can still purchase the replay package and it's an insane deal. Plus I've 
heard from several writers who purchased the 2021 conference that it's 
GOLD and skyrocketed their career and earning potential to new heights! 

"Kerrie's book was my introduction to the world of writing for regional parenting publications. Her encouraging tone comes through to readers ... She is helpful to readers who ask questions, funny as can be on her blog, and doesn't hesitate to share her real-life experiences to help her readers succeed. Who doesn't want that?" — Rhonda Franz, writer,

"[How to Get Published (and Paid!)] is a phenomenal resource for both those just beginning to toy with the idea of trying to get published and experienced writers alike. Kerrie McLoughlin's advice launched my writing career to a whole new level." — Rachael Moshman, writer,

"Kerrie makes it easy for aspiring writers to break into regional and national parenting magazines. Full of information, awesome tips, and positive energy, this book was a great source of inspiration and encouragement. I sold four articles quickly and easily as a result of her timely tips. And that's just for starters!" — Christine Shuck, author and blogger,

"Are you a writer who wants to be published in regional parenting magazines? Then this book is for you. No question. The information in it is worth every penny and as soon as you make ONE sale, it pays for itself." — Jan Udlock, writer/virtual assistant,

This version is available only in PDF format, so you can print it, 3-hole punch it, pop it into a binder, and get working. Refer to the PDF on your computer for the helpful bonus content hyperlinked from the document. Links include: sample cover letter, sample query letter, freelance writer site info, how to generate ideas for articles, podcast interviews and posts with editors by Susan Maccarelli of Beyond Your Blog, and so much more!

It also includes:

225 regional parenting magazines, most of which take reprints and know that your work has been used somewhere else and they are fine with it.

159 national and online markets which can't wait to see your work, mostly original pieces, often you query them first.

FREE updates ... you just have to keep track of them in your printed version of the book in your Get Published binder :-)

Have files of article reprints that you own but have no clue where to start reselling them? Have ideas for some fantastic new pieces but no idea who might want them? Check out my thick 441-page print book of tips, tricks, and insider information, as well as 384 paying parenting and family markets! You can order "How to Get Published (and Paid!) Writing About Your Kids" on Amazon here.


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