Monday, July 16, 2018

Sample Magazine Email Query Letter

Check out a Sample Magazine Email Cover Letter here.

Following is an email query letter that I sent to American Baby. They loved the idea so much they had already assigned it to another writer a few weeks before they received my query! Ah, timing!

Subject: Query: Desperately Seeking Sleep

Being pregnant five times has practically made me an expert on sleep disturbances. If I wasn't rubbing out a leg cramp, I was wrestling with four pillows, eating Tums like they were M&Ms, or lying awake worrying.

I would like to write a piece for you called "Desperately Seeking Sleep," which would offer solutions to eight of the most common sleep disruptions experienced during pregnancy. This piece was originally published as "Pregnancy Sleep Solutions" in Kansas City Baby (insert a link to your article here) and several other regional parenting magazines, and I know it would be a great help for your national readership, as well.

To make this article a knockout, I would interview national experts about the latest sleep solutions, research, and recommendations (e.g., if Ambien is alright to take during pregnancy, whether or not calcium tablets work for leg cramps, etc.) and would get quotes from moms all over the country about their pregnancy sleep woes and solutions they found helpful. It would also include a sidebar of relaxation exercises to try before bedtime.

I have been published in over two dozen regional parenting magazines, including Calgary's Child, Columbus Parent, and San Diego Family. You can find all of my publishing credits, as well as links to published pieces, at

I would be happy to customize this piece in any way you might need and look forward to hearing from you.

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