Thursday, August 2, 2018

The Published Parent Rockin' July 2018 Income Report

We are rockin' and rollin' over here at the McLoughlin household, writer friends. I am blessed to be able to make my income with WORDS and to be able to do it in my sweatpants or swimsuit, out on the deck or at the dining room table, at my house or traveling with my kids and husband for his work to places like Wyoming, Arizona, Texas, Chicago, Florida and more.

I like to share my income with you to show you that I am a real person with real challenges and successes. Last month was a $944 month — very low — and this month is one of my better months. No, it is not a full-time income, but I am not aiming for that. My husband has a good job, and my main job is homeschooling. Words are my part-time job for now. When the kids are grown I foresee working more hours with my word career and helping to pay for travel and retirement. But that's at least 10 years away :-)

YES, I got the book out July 22, and writers are already submitting their work and getting it accepted! Check it out here for just $9.99.

A few notes:
Article income is down this month, but I am owed quite a bit. Editors do lose invoices, so I sometimes have to poke them at the end of each month to make sure they received my invoice and are processing it.

While I do enjoy proofreading, I hope to someday replace that income with book and magazine article income, because writing books and magazine articles are my true passions.

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