Monday, November 1, 2021

Third Quarter 2021 Income Report (The Published Parent)

My husband and I were a retro
flight attendant and a
pilot for Halloween this year.

The McLoughlin household is holding steady and working from home still! Third quarter ended well at $3,769, which pays for food and braces and clothing and books and all sorts of things for five children, including three teenagers, a 12-year-old, and a 20-year-old! You'll notice blogging income dropped significantly this quarter, which hurts, but I just picked up more proofreading to try to make up for it.

I haven't been able to work as much as I'd like since I began teaching Grammar/Composition and also Modern World History at our homeschool coop, in addition to serving as one of three members on the coop Committee. It was a lot of work this past summer and into the fall, which is showing up in my lack of income. I just need to get lesson planning, get organized, and start submitting more article reprints and work on my book projects.

I am still blessed to be able to work from home proofreading, blogging, writing articles, and writing books and to be able to do it in my sweatpants or swimsuit, out on the deck or at the dining room table, at my house or traveling with my kids and husband for his work to places like Wyoming, Arizona, Texas, Chicago, Florida, and more.

I like to share my income from home with you to show you that I am a real person with unique challenges and actual successes. No, it is not a full-time income, but I am not aiming for that right now. I am thankful and grateful that my husband has a good job as an engineer, and that my main job is homeschooling. Words are just my part-time job for now. When the kids are grown, I foresee working more hours with my word career and helping to pay for travel and retirement. But that's still a few years away :-)

I like to also share Joanna Penn's (The Creative Penn) work-from-home author revenue because she is a very successful 6-figure author. I love her 2020/2021 Book Sales Revenue Breakdown post where she says, "So please just take this as data for interest, not for comparison."

By the way, if you're interested in making money working from home by being on the Fiverr platform, please use my referral link! As far as work-from-home jobs go, this has been one that I have loved since 2013! And you don't just have to do proofreading there like I do. There are hundreds of money-making options on there, as well as great courses you can purchase to help with your career, and all sorts of services that could help you, like marketing, public relations, writing, advertising, SEO tips, and so much more!

Now it's time to check out my Third Quarter 2021 income below! You can find my entire 2020 income report here.

Third Quarter 2021 earnings: $3,769

Proofreading: $3,121

Blogging: $408

Magazine articles: $175

Book sales: $35

Other: $30 (DoorDash and mystery shopping)

If you're interested in even more figures, this post shows my Third Quarter 2020 Income. You can also check out my Income Report blog category down the side of the blog to see every month for 2021!

What am I currently working on? Well, I'm working on the Write Anywhere series books right now and hoping to get it out very soon. Then I'll work on the other books in the series, to include national markets, a how-to stand-alone book, and a workbook (and later, writing markets for teens to break into, as well as women's writing markets and national/international/online markets). What are you working on?

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