Monday, May 8, 2023

Write for Magazines: The Basics (Book 2 in the Write Anywhere series)


This little red beauty about selling magazine article reprints was a true labor of love. She came about when I realized that maybe not everyone wanted to jump right into Book 1, The Mother of All Writing Market Books

I squinched up my eyes, cocked my head to one side, put my finger on my temple and thought, Hmmm, maybe some people just want to know how to get started, find out if this parenting and family magazine niche is right for them. Maybe they don't need the regional markets and the national markets just yet. And when that time comes, they can grab THOSE books separately as well.

In Rachel Zoe speak: Options.

Write for Magazines: The Basics includes just the how-to-get-started information from the front of The Mother of All Writing Market Books: 600 Homes for Your Family, Parenting & Women’s Articles, Essays & More (Book 1 in the series). It also includes the Appendices, Glossary of Terms, and the website and book recommendations.

Now available on Amazon as an ebook or print book (almost 100 pages). Also available in my e-junkie shop as an instant download (64 pages size 8 1/2 x 11")!

I'd love for you to join my Parenting Magazine Writers Facebook group as well, where I share all sorts of new and interesting markets (not all parenting related!), and we have discussions about lots of different topics.

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