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UPDATES to The Mother of All Writing Market Books

Last updated 11/28/22

So we're all literally on the same page here, you can grab this rockin' resource here at this link: The Mother of All Writing Market Books. Thank ya. Oh, and use promo code PPBLOG20 at checkout for a lil surprise!

I know that you know how fast the publishing industry changes. Especially in the year 2020. Holy cow!

One day you're submitting your article on the "10 Best Birthday Party Ideas for Teens" to your favorite regional parenting publication, and the next day that magazine is sending you an email to let you know they are printing their final issue next month. 

Or maybe you submit that same article to a bunch of magazines as a reprint option so you can make bunches of money on just one submission, and then a couple of the emails bounce back.

What's a writer to do?

Well, you've come to the right place! This is where you'll find updates to the 8th edition of my parenting, family, and women's writing markets book. Yes, for free. You didn't see anybody taking money at the door or checking ID, didja? Nope. And by the way, thanks for purchasing my instant-download PDF book, The Mother of All Writing Market Books: 600 Homes for Your Family, Parenting & Women's Articles, Essays & More. (If you haven't bought it yet but want to, please use the discount code PPBLOG20 to save 20%.)

So scan this list regularly for all the updates, bad and good, and you might also consider signing up for an email subscription because I like to send out a power-packed email when I find a bunch of new markets. And I'm ALWAYS looking for new markets!

Just-Born or Just-Found Markets

Idaho Family Magazine — Email is 

Kern County Family Magazine — This was in the book as a magazine that I could not find any information on that I had actually worked with in the past. Email is Here's the November 2022 issue.

Ultimate Family Vacations – This is an Ensemble Travel Group publication I'd never heard of until a member of the Facebook group mentioned having trouble getting paid for an article she wrote for them. So ... tread lightly. 

Updated Email or Other Information

9/12/22 from Jill M. in the FB group: For editorial matters concerning Baltimore's Child, Baltimore Style, Frederick's Child, MetroKids and Washington FAMILY, please email editor Lindsay VanAsdalan at (changed in most current copy of book)

11/14/22 New Jersey Family email from Angel Madison, Managing Editor: She'll be working part-time only for a while so if you want to get in touch immediately, try

11/17/22 Alison Novak is no longer with KidsVT (she moved over to Seven Days). Just email

11/28/22 Island Parent and Teen is on the main RPM list but not found in the body of the book. The title is actually Island Parent Tweens and Teens and I've added a link to the Issuu copy.

11/28/22 Removed NCW Kid Connect from the main RPM list and replaced it with Idaho Family Magazine (see above)

11/28/22 North Idaho Family is on the main RPM list but not found in the body of the book. I found the information and added the actual market link and email address.

Deceased Markets

Suburban Parent Texas is no longer publishing. Please remove from your email submissions list. I've replaced it with Kern County Family (see above) to keep the book at an even 600 markets!

I Thought We Were On a Break!

So help me, if Maritime Family's website keeps saying they are "launching soon"—well, I don't know what I will do but it won't be good 😂

Writer Beware

Writing Opportunity

10/15/22: WNY Family's current "Journey into Fatherhood" columnist is "retiring" in January 2023, so we are looking for a new "voice" to take his place. If you're a dad who enjoys writing and can reliably put together a 750-word column on deadline each month, we'd like to hear from you. The choice of topics is up to you — serious or humorous — dealing with the wild ride of being a dad in today's world. There is a modest payment for each column. If interested, email a sample 750-word column to Please put FATHERHOOD COLUMN in your subject line.

Bouncebacks I'm Currently Checking Out (maybe my crappy email service just didn't actually delete these contacts when I told it to do so)

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