Monday, June 17, 2019

UPDATES! Writing Market Additions and Updates to the 7th Edition of Get Published (and Paid!) Writing About Your Kids

Updated as of June 17,2019

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Charlotte Parent email (9/10/18)

Cincinnati Family, North Cincy Family, Northern Kentucky Family (Daycom Media) editor is Amanda Hayward (Sherry is gone), and her email is (9/10/18)

City Parent Canada: Jane Muller

Pays $40-50 USD

Curious Parents: 7/16/17 seems to no longer be publishing.

Dayton Parent: Nicole Sipe, Editor:

Family Fun is no longer publishing :-(

Giggle is now (4/18/19)

Jersey Shore Family is not accepting articles at this time ... updated February 2017

Little Rock Family magazine update 2/19/19 new owner in Oregon is now PDX Parent:

Minnesota Parent … bounces back. Try

New Jersey Family try (instead of

+New York Times Parenting Outlet (click here for information)

Palmetto Parent is now

Parenting OC is now 8/7/18

ParentsCanada bounced back. Try

Parents and Kids Mississippi: Our invoices are usually processed within 30 days after the month of publication. So for the month of May, please expect to be paid by the end of June.

PDX Parent: We do no use reprints because we try to make sure each story has a strong local angle. Also we keep our freelancers to parents in Portland Metro Area

Piedmont Parent editor email bounced back. Try the publisher at (9/10/18)

Playground ...

Red River Family (9/10/18)

+SheKnows (click here for information)

The Village Family Magazine is currently on hiatus and thus, will not be accepting reprint materials at this time

Upstate Parent: email has changed to

Volusia/Flagler/St. John's can be found here now.

Wiregrass Parents is another publication affiliated with DeAnne Watson of Montgomery Parents (10/30/18)

Wisconsin Family email (9/10/18)

Davler Media acquires Staten Island Parent so delete SI Parent email from your contacts since Davler will be taking over all of that and will handle your submissions :-)

Growing Up Roseville (sister to Growing Up Chico) ... pays $35 reprints for each publication. Writers are reporting $35 per reprint per publication.

Self-Sufficient Kids pays $75 per article (1,250 words long) and their guidelines can be found here.

Utah Family: They used my pieces without permission and then did not pay. I have heard from several writers about this as well. I’m not going to recommend a magazine that does business this way.

Valley Parent Oregon: They have used my pieces without permission and then did not pay.

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