Thursday, November 23, 2023

UPDATES to "The Mother of All Writing Market Books"

Last updated 11/23/23

Thanks for purchasing The Mother of All Writing Market Books. I created this post because the publishing industry changes QUICKLY. One day you're submitting an article to your favorite regional parenting publication, and the next day that magazine is printing its final issue. 

Or maybe you send a reprint as a simultaneous submission to 100 regional parenting magazines and a couple of the emails bounce back.

So bookmark this tab and come back periodically (maybe set a reminder on your Google Calendar). This is where you'll find updates to the 8th edition of my parenting, family, and women's writing markets book—for free. 

And be sure to join my Parenting Magazine Writers Facebook group for all the intel and conversation. We're almost 900 members strong, and we have a lot to say!

Updated Information in Date Order (Newest First)

11/23/23: Here is information on how to write for Business Insider.

11/16/23: Found market: Famadillo. Find Famadillo's editorial guidelines here

11/3/23: Found market: Pennsylvania Parenting Magazine. See editorial guidelines by clicking on the name of the magazine.

11/3/23: Washington Parent new editor: Karen Kullgren.

10/25/23: Starting immediately, Western New York Family needs us to use this as the submission email (Michele is retiring and the new editor, as well as owner/publisher, will be Paul Kline):

9/1/23: Your Teen Media sold. Waiting to see what's next.

8/24/23: ParentMap has a new editor (Allison Sutcliffe) and the email is Insider info from the group says they pay $50 for reprints and up to $275 for a reported article.

8/14/23: Parents & Kids closing down (

8/14/23: Florida Parents Mag now only publishes online instead of 4 county issues.

7/24/23: KC Parent has a new editor, Lauri Clapper at

7/24/23: North State Parent has a new editor, Stacey Leigh Mohr at

6/6/23 Memphis Parent has a new editor: and 4/22/23: Memphis Parent is no longer a paying market: "Thanks for reaching out to Memphis Parent about your work. We appreciate you thinking of us as a source and certainly welcome guest posts that directly benefit our parent community. However, we currently do not purchase articles."

5/18/23 Potential new market: Growing up in Santa Cruz

5/4/23 Bham Family says: "We utilize local writers in our publications, and all content is original and local."

5/4/23 Black Hills Parent is now at

4/29/23 New market: Triangle Family, Beth Shugg, Executive Editor (sound familiar? she was with Carolina Parent). Debut issue March/April 2023.

4/29/23 Shared in the group: Celeste Little, Senior Editor at Parents, is looking for pitches:
Pitch me. Now looking for diverse voices for Parents. And always looking out for Kindred Parents, a community for people raising up a generation of Black children. Any topics. Rates start at $200. DM me and I’ll send along my email address.

4/22/23 Westchester Family's Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp (ancillary publication addition)

Writer beware: A writer in the FB group shared this post: Long-Standing Payment Problems at Cricket Media

Check Houston Family monthly for your pieces, as they publish articles without notification and without automatic payment.

Found marketUltimate Family Vacations – This is an Ensemble Travel Group publication I'd never heard of until a member of the Facebook group mentioned having trouble getting paid for an article she wrote for them. So ... tread lightly. 

Bouncebacks I need to check: (We're writing to let you know that the group you tried to contact (info) may not exist, or you may not have permission to post messages to the group. A few more details on why you weren't able to post:

* You might have spelled or formatted the group name incorrectly.
* The owner of the group may have removed this group.
* You may need to join the group before receiving permission to post.
* This group may not be open to posting.)

Alison Novak is no longer working at Kids VT. She is now a reporter on the Seven Days news team. If you would like to reach about a news story, please resend your email to If you are trying to reach someone at Kids VT, please resend your email to (there's talk in the group that this publication is deceased)

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