Sunday, July 22, 2018

Kerrie McLoughlin's Books

How to Get Published (and Paid!) Writing About Your Kids: The Ultimate Guide for Selling Your Stories to Parenting Magazines will change your writing life! The 7th edition of this invaluable resource that has already helped so many writers get published includes information on how to get started selling your original and reprint articles and essays. It goes on to cover everything related to writing for this market, including keeping good records, setting up a freelance writer website, invoicing, and so much more. Then comes the best part: the 384 paying markets. Writing success is waiting for you! Easy to purchase for just $9.99. BUY NOW link will take you to PayPal.

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FULLY UPDATED with recipe descriptions/stories and meal planning advice in general plus more desserts and a new tater tot recipe!

What could be better than 35 tater tot casserole recipes all in one place? In addition to the naughty versions like Bacon Ranch, Fully Loaded, Buffalo Bleu Cheese, Chicken Alfredo and all sorts of other happy deliciousness, this amazing cookbook also contains dairy-free, skinny, gluten-free and vegetarian options for those times you want to (or have to!) eat in a more healthy manner!

And of course you have to top off a tater tot casserole meal with one of the 13 bonus easy dessert recipes, including Chocolate Suicide, Tutu's Chocolate Stars, Mock Apple Pie and Heavenly Sinful Bars. Your family will love you for this!

These recipes will have your family asking for seconds!

P.S. Make it for dinner, then heat it up in a pan with scrambled eggs in the morning for leftover delight!

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