Thursday, October 19, 2017

Can You Write 500 Words a Day?

Sounds easy, right?

And then you could easily convert those words into a print book on Amazon’s CreateSpace platform as well. I have to tell you I sell more of my Tater Tot Casserole Cookbook in print version these days than I do on Kindle and the price difference is significant.  We’re talking $.99 on Kindle versus $6.49 in print. (Note: not a huge royalty difference since print is so expensive for them to process but still … my print books are floating around in people’s kitchens!)

The Tater Tot Casserole Cookbook has 13,531 words. It contains 35 recipes, 13 dessert recipes, and a large chapter on meal planning.

My point is that you have still come to the right place because quite often you can rework your parenting magazine articles and turn them into some sort of compilation. You could work with another author/writer to make a book of parenting essays that is humorous or honest or even sad.

Common sense says: don't take your article word for word and plop it into an e-book. Also, make sure that you are still giving quality to the reader. You definitely want to do at least 10,000 words to make it an e-book on Kindle and a little more to be in print to have it a decent size to have a spine.

P.S. This post is just over 500 words and I dictated it while walking to a convenience store! If I can dictate 500 words in minutes while multitasking (not a huge fan of multitasking anymore but walking and writing I can get on board with), you can do it while commuting to work each day, while breastfeeding your child, maybe even while making dinner. Did you know on the iPhone headphones the microphone is very close to your face so you don’t have to hold the phone up to your mouth? Hands-free dictation rocks.

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