Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Do You Need an Editor or a Proofreader? There is a Difference!

Did you know that there is a difference between an editor and a proofreader? 

My job as proofreader/copyeditor does not entail developmental editing, or hard editing to include rearranging of text. I will always, however, create a comment in the document if I catch an inconsistency or have a question about the text as a reader. 

To see the different types of editors/proofreaders and what they normally charge (hint: my service is a steal!), head here to Dave Chesson's article "The Mastery Guide to Selecting an Editor" on his Kindlepreneur page.

You don't need to ask me what my rate is because I freely share that information right here on this very blog post. My rate is extremely competitive (and transparent!) at $5 per 500 words. 

I have caught many errors expensive editors have missed. That's my job! I love to polish books so they are ready for publication. Email me at mommykerrie at yahoo dot com! I use The Chicago Manual of Style 17 and return your manuscript with edits, suggestions, and comments made using Track Changes in Microsoft Word.

Here's how payment works after we agree on a deadline: The first time we work together, I will need 75% of the total cost upfront sent to my PayPal account; the final 25% is payable upon receipt of the final, completed job. For subsequent orders, you send half of the total cost upfront to my PayPal account, then send the other half once the job has been returned to you and you are satisfied once again.

Here are just a few words from some of my clients, and I have hundreds of reviews just like these!

"Super-fast and top-quality delivery! I'll definitely hire you next time I need an editor Kerrie. I've always been happy with your work. I'm a serial editor and feel like I go through my writing with a fine-tooth comb and still you manage to find edits and make it better. Your compliments and critique are also very encouraging!"

"I am hiring an editor/proofreader for a large, ongoing project. So I hired 3 different proofreaders on Fiverr to proof the same 1,000-word document as a test to see who caught the most mistakes and who made the best edits. writerkerrie CRUSHED the competition. In that 1000-word test, she found 4 more errors than the 2nd place finisher, and her changes made the text flow better. (When the other proofreaders found the same errors, their suggested corrections were often not as good.) writerkerrie is the real deal and I am looking forward to her help with my projects!"

"You are awesome! I have bombarded you with work and you have kept up with me without a hitch. So thankful for your professionalism, quality of work, speedy turnaround, and exceptional feedback. THANKS!!! You are a lifesaver, and working with you has given me the peace of mind I need to keep focused on other responsibilities to make my business a huge success story!!!"

I'm also mentioned in this NaNoWriMo blog post called A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Publishing a Middle-Grade Adventure Book!

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