Friday, May 10, 2019

Write for Narratively -- Submission Writers Guidelines

Just got this information in my Parenting Magazine Writers Facebook group from one of our writers. She's going to be working as a guest editor for Narratively, "a digital publication focused on ordinary people with extraordinary stories." Amazing news!

She's looking for "first-person stories in the parenting space or hybrid first-person/reported. I'm also looking for other stories, so it doesn't need to be parenting-related. Stories should be framed around active, narrative scenes. I need drafts of first-person stories and will consider pitches for reported. Looking for quirky, weird experiences (not anecdotes or think pieces) that transformed you or shifted your perception in some way."
Payment: $300 first-person and $400 reported

1,500 words for first-person, 2,000-3,000 for reported

Check out Narratively for examples of the types of stories they are looking for.

Email drafts/pitches to estellewriter at aol dot com.

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