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Western New York Family Magazine Call for Articles for 2022 Issues

UPDATE 10/15/22: WNY Family's current "Journey into Fatherhood" columnist is "retiring" in January 2023, so we are looking for a new "voice" to take his place. If you're a dad who enjoys writing and can reliably put together a 750-word column on deadline each month, we'd like to hear from you. The choice of topics is up to you — serious or humorous — dealing with the wild ride of being a dad in today's world. There is a modest payment for each column. If interested, email a sample 750-word column to Please put FATHERHOOD COLUMN in your subject line.

DIGITAL ISSUE - Western New York Family Magazine (

Western New York Family is looking for articles for their 2022 issues! 

Please read the information below to see what they are looking for, and good luck to you 😃 You can find the complete list of writer's guidelines for Western New York Family here, as well as information for 599 more markets, in my book titled The Mother of All Writing Market Books!

When you submit an article, please put the main topic such as BIRTHDAYS, WINTER FUN, ELDERCARE, SPECIAL NEEDS, SINGLE PARENTING in your subject line.

LAST SUBMISSION dates are "desperation dates." If we happen to have a larger-than-expected issue due to increased advertising (we are 100% dependent on advertising for our revenue and that determines editorial page count), I may still need articles at that late date. Getting your article in front of me earlier gives you a better chance of your piece being used. And I do much prefer completed articles over queries.

1) BIRTHDAYS - Our January issue features an annual "Let's Party!" section moved to the front of our issue with content on fun ways to celebrate and supplemented with short advertiser profiles about the packages they offer. Readers save the issue as reference year-round. Can we go back to having lots of guests at home parties? Having parties at entertainment venues? Who knows! But your fresh ideas for ways to celebrate are needed! LAST DEADLINE for submissions: DECEMBER 1, 2021

2) WINTER FUN - Here in the Buffalo area, the month of February is known as "Cabin Fever" season. And March is really no different! Looking for creative ways to keep kids and families busy indoors and out during our snowiest season. LAST DEADLINE for submissions: JANUARY 3, 2022 for February issue; FEBRUARY 1, 2022 for March issue.

3) ELDERCARE - Annually, our March issue includes a special pullout section on "Caring for Our Aging Parents." This is a very specialized challenge for many "sandwich generation" parents who married at older ages; they are still caring for their own children while faced with the responsibility of caring for their elderly parents. If you have personal experience to share on this topic, it would be most welcome. LAST DEADLINE for submissions: FEBRUARY 1, 2022

4) SPECIAL NEEDS - Several of you are the parents of children with special needs and have already contributed articles to our monthly special needs column. We have covered almost every condition and I am thinking that it might be interesting to feature articles about your personal experiences as a special needs parent, if you are willing to share, but am open to any other suggestions. We also have a special pullout section in our APRIL issue annually that needs content; we always include an article targeted to the expectant parent or parent of a newborn who has just found out that their child will have a disability, as well as those whose child is diagnosed at a later age. All suggestions are welcome. DEADLINE for the monthly column is flexible at the moment as I have a few pieces to start 2022 with. LAST DEADLINE for the APRIL 2022 special section: MARCH 1, 2022

5) SINGLE PARENTING - We have had a long-running Single Parenting column written by Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Diane Dierks for many years. She actually "retired" from writing her column several years ago, but she had such a stock of material -- and much single parenting advice is "evergreen" -- that we have been choosing from her list of available articles for several years now. We are getting to the end of her "supply" and I would be interested in receiving articles related to this topic. DEADLINE is currently flexible, as I still have access to more of Diane's columns if needed.

We pay promptly upon publication and payment ranges anywhere from $40 to $75 for most pieces, depending on length and complexity of topic.

Michele Miller, Editor & Publisher

Western New York Family Magazine

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