Saturday, October 1, 2022

3rd Quarter 2022 Work-from-Home #IncomeReport $2,776

Welcome to another work-from-home Quarterly Income Report from The Published Parent, aka Kerrie at the McLoughlin household. 

My Hopes for You
First of all, it is my sincerest hope that you are doing well in every possible way. I assume you're here because you are a writer... or are at least someone who loves words. I hope you find something here that helps you realize your dreams, whether that is a post about time management, a post full of encouragement, a post of writing markets for your teenager, a list of great resources for writers, or a post about a new writing market for your own pitching pleasure. As always, you can email me at if you would like to suggest post ideas!

What I've Been Doing
I am still working from home proofreading (scroll to the end of this post to find out about Fiverr), blogging (The Kerrie Show, Kerrie the Kitchen Queen, Homeschooling Mommybot, and here), writing parenting magazine articles, and writing/self-publishing books on Amazon and other places. To be able to work and make money at any time of the day or night, to be able to wear whatever I am comfortable in, and to be able to do all of this anywhere I like (in bed, at the dining room table, in the car, on the deck, while traveling, etc.) is a dream come true! 

Things have slowed down since I've become more involved at our homeschool co-op, so I'm hopeful that I'll find more time this summer to work on projects that are a labor of love for me. In case you don't know this about me, I have 5 children, and I have homeschooled all of them all the way through. I have graduated my 21-year-old and my 19-year-old, and they are both doing very well!

Why Do I Share My Income Here?
The reason I share my income from home with you to show you that I am a real person — a wife, mother, teacher, daughter, friend, neighbor — with unique challenges/setbacks and actual successes. While I do not earn the equivalent of a full-time income right now, but I am not actually aiming for that. I am grateful that my husband is employed and that my main job is homeschooling

Now it's time to take a peek at my financial records! Then you can find all sorts of other income reports down the side of the blog (I report monthly and also quarterly and annually).

Want to Become a Proofreader?
If you're interested in making money working from home by being on the Fiverr platform, please use my referral link! As far as work-from-home jobs go, this has been one that I have loved since 2013! And you don't just have to do proofreading there like I do. There are hundreds of money-making options on there, as well as great courses you can purchase to help with your career, and all sorts of services that could help you, like marketing, public relations, writing, advertising, SEO tips, and so much more!

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