Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Parenting and Family Magazines That Pay ... Over 600 of Them!!! (Print & Online)

Woo hoo! The latest edition of my ebook for writers who want to write for parenting/family markets is live here on Amazon! There are over 600 markets! Please let your friends know who might want to break into this lucrative market because it's exactly how I have a blast while making money for my family.

I personally love having a print copy of everything and thought you might also like that option, so you can also buy it as an instant download here and print it yourself. This makes it easier to highlight publications your work appears in, cross out email addresses that may change, black out publications that fold, add those lovely Post-It notes anywhere you like, etc.!

I've been in over 160 parenting mags and it's growing ... and there are 50ish new markets in the 6th edition! You can do what I've done. I have no English or Journalism degree ... just parenting knowledge and a love for writing.

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