Saturday, March 2, 2024

600 Parenting and Family Magazines That Pay

I'm sure you've seen parenting and family magazines like this one all over your town and when you travel, as well as online. 

Did you know they are always looking for fresh content from parents, grandparents, and other experts just like you?

Did you know that once you sell an article to one of these magazines, you are free to sell it to others all over the country and even worldwide (as long as you don't sign something saying the magazine you're working with gets all rights, in which case you should be asking for a lot more money)?

Did you know you don't need a degree to be able to write for these magazines and earn a reliable and lucrative income?

I've been writing for these magazines for over 15 years (for over 180 of them!), and I compiled a resource that contains not only regional (local) parenting and family magazines but also national, international, and online-only resources as well.

How many writing markets are in my instant download? Over 600 of them! And you can get free updates right here on my website. This means when I find a new market or find out about an editor change or email change, I post it here for you for free. 

I'm still selling articles I wrote 15 years ago to these markets and I write and submit fresh content regularly. This means we're in this game together, and I'm here to help you!

P.S. I'd also love it if you'd join my Facebook group called Parenting Magazine Writers. We are over 800 strong and love to share info and ask/answer questions!

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