Friday, January 1, 2021

The Published Parent 2020 #IncomeReport

Welcome to my 2020 income report. I love knowing how others are doing in my industry, and I enjoy sharing my own successes and challenges. I hope this inspires you in some way!

Despite the pandemic, my business thrived. Probably because people were staying home and had time to write, so I was a proofreader on fire. Articles still sold well, also, even though in the beginning we were worried that the lack of places to put physical parenting magazine copies would negatively impact ad space and therefore magazine income. Readers had more time to peruse the magazines online, so they still did pretty well as a whole. A couple of things I did this year to try to grow my business while accommodating the changing market:

1. I offered regional parenting magazines a reduced rate just through the end of 2020 in case they had reduced ad income and needed a little break. This worked well, as many magazines bought in bulk to beat my price increase.

2. I wrote new pieces and updated old articles to reflect the changing situations as far as school closings, quarantining, etc.

3. I doubled my rates for new proofreading clients on Fiverr. This helped to weed out certain customers for various reasons. For previous clients, I raised the rate as well, just not as much. 

I like to also share Joanna Penn's (The Creative Penn) work-from-home author revenue because she is a very successful 6-figure author. I love her 2020/2021 Book Sales Revenue Breakdown post where she says, "So please just take this as data for interest, not for comparison."

I'd love to hear your income goals for 2021, so please share those in the comments or with me privately (my email is on the graphic). As I get more organized in my homeschooling, my home, and my business, I know I can earn even more! (links are below the graphic 😉)

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