Thursday, October 6, 2022

Write for ParentMap Seattle, Eastside Baby, Family Adventure, and Seattle Baby -- Submission Writers Guidelines

Below are the guidelines for ParentMap from my instant PDF download, The Mother of All Writing Market Books! Don't forget to use promo code PPBLOG20 for a nice lil discount!

Location: Seattle, WA

Frequency: monthly


Contact Info:

We welcome pitches from freelance writers for or a future issue of ParentMap magazine. Please review the following guidelines below before writing your query letter or pitch.

1.Take a close look at the magazine, and the type of pieces we publish before drafting your query.This will give you a good idea of the different kinds of stories we publish, our voice and our audience. As a Puget Sound-based monthly print publication and a national-audience website publishing daily, we're interested in both locally anchored Puget Sound stories and broader parenting pieces.

2. We cover family life from pregnancy through college and beyond, and we aim for a diverse chorus of voices. We welcome guest bloggers who have a distinct voice and unique perspective on some aspect of parenting or family life, and we love writers who can swoop in and quickly riff on current affairs and parenting zeitgeists alike.

3.We generally work with writers who have some experience, so please list the publications in which your work has been published and, as available, links to your previous work.

4. Payment for stories depends on length and placement of the article. We purchase first American rights, print and electronic, for articles and pays within 45 days following publication.

A fellow writer in the Parenting Magazine Writers Facebook group reported pay at $50.

They also publish Eastside Baby, Family Adventure, and Seattle Baby.

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